Inspection Process

Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time in your life. Finding a home that fits the requirements of your family and your budget is the job of the purchaser, with the help of a mortgage broker or lender, a lawyer and of course a professional real estate agent.

Okay you have found the house of your dreams, and you can afford it, as long as there are no unexpected repairs or costs. When making the single largest purchase of your lifetime, do it with "Peace of Mind" knowing there will be no hidden costs after you move in. Hire a reputable home inspector to make sure your dream home is not a money pit in disguise.

Most mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and agents all recommend having a home inspection done by a qualified company, the two most important reasons are credibility and liability.

Our inspections take at least three hours, with most of our time being spent on the major components of the house:


Heating and Cooling







We are not afraid to get dirty. If it means going into crawl spaces, attics, under decks or on roof tops in order to help potential buyers discover problems, then we do it.

We don't just look for symptoms, but also the cause of the problem with the home. Everything we find is detailed in our inspection report.

We also encourage that you participate in the inspection with the inspector. It can be an invaluable learning experience.

We also perform Industrial and Commercial Inspections. Contact one of our representatives for further information.