We recently had a home inspection done on a rural property which we didn't know much about. Don provided us with a lot of information and advice which we will be able to utilize when we move into our new home. Don was very friendly, informative and was able to answer all of our questions. He was also very thorough and provided us with a full report including pictures of all that we inspected. I would defiantly recommend Peace of Mind.  
Thank you Don!

Shabiha, Ajax, ON

"I would definitely use Don again whether it be a century home, new build or something in between.

I spoke with Don on the phone before having our offer on the house in question accepted. He was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and he got me to text him a time/date we wanted to use him for the inspection. Later that day the time was confirmed, texted him requesting the specific time and date, he immediately responded and locked in that date for us.

Don arrived on time and was very thorough throughout the house inspection. Whenever myself or my wife had a question while we were following him around the house, he would take the time to explain everything to us and give us recommendations on what could be done.

As previously stated, I would highly recommend Don to family, friends and anyone searching for a knowledgeable and very personable home inspector."

Andrew, Whitby, ON

"Dear Don, Please allow me and my Wife, Yan, the opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and dedication while conducting a house inspection for us in Whitby. As you know, although we put an offer on a nine year old house with the knowledge we would need to perform a lot of maintenance on the house, we had no idea the significant problems of the house. We would have not only walked into a financial disaster to repair the severe problems with the house, we were putting our Family in harm’s way (into an unhealthy and very unsafe environment). The builder of the house should be ashamed. They put peoples lives in danger. Don, when I talk to anyone who contemplates buying an older house, I will beg of them to have a qualified house inspection (in fact it should be mandatory to have one to protect Buyers and their Families from badly designed and/ or poorly constructed homes…not to mention being informed of possible dangers from the possible poor condition of the house. Associated with my “begging” I will be recommending to them to be sure in contacting you (Peace of Mind Home Inspections)!!!! You have proven to me and my Wife that you conduct your home inspection services with professionalism and required expertise. An inspector with welcomed experience who performs the essential detailed inspection needed and provides an inspection report that informs you what you should be aware (the condition of the house, major appliances,the furnace other devices inside the house, so on). What I also appreciated is that you appropriately answered our many questions during and after the inspection. You provided us with the information necessary to understand the condition of the house and you carefully explained our possible options for repair or replacements. This information truly reinforced our decision not to proceed with the purchase of the house and therefore avoiding a lot of major distress and pain. Yan and I again thank you!!!!! ."

Yours sincerely,
Mike and Yan, Whitby, ON

"We live out of town, and we were looking to purchase a multi-unit building. After Don’s inspection of the property we learned that the building had several layers of shingles and needed a brand new roof! We were able to renegotiate the contract and saved ourselves a $15,000 bill."

Thank you again,
Christine and Darren Faust, Vancouver, BC

"Hi Don! Thank you for the report. I will go on your Homestars website and share my thoughts but first I wanted to personally thank you. I feel I learned a lot, your summary will help me remember it all!! You will for sure hear from me again once I start working on your recommendations!! It was great to meet you and you really did make it a pleasant experience."

Thank you again,
Natalie, Newmarket, ON

"Dear Don, It was a pleasure working with you and I thought you did a great job inspecting each and every part of the house. I will look forward to working with you in the future and for sure recommend your utmost professional work to friends and family."

Thank you,
Getachew Woldie, Toronto, ON

"Hi Don, I just wanted to update you on the property in Ajax. We decided not to proceed with the purchase based on the report you gave us. The owner was not willing to reduce the price of the house to our satisfaction. My wife and I wanted to thank you again for being thorough with your inspection and answering all our questions, you are truly a professional and we will definitely refer you to anyone that is in need of a home inspection. Money well spent."

Kind Regards,

"Thank you for the report summary, it is quite thorough. Both my wife and I were pleased to meet you yesterday. You came highly recommended, and defiantly lived up to our expectations. Out of the issues you found, I believe the necessity of relocating those ducts, and the chewed wires, to be the only real issues. The other things, by comparison, are minor and I'm confident I can easily handle them. I definitely have concerns about the repair to the foundation, and the possible repercussions in the future, but my wife and I decided we are going to go for it, this place is light years better than the others we looked at in our price range. I checked out your video, and my wife was quick to add an online review. Thank you again for your friendly personality, and patience. "

Subway Jones

"Dear Don, I want to express my greatest gratitude and appreciation for the support you have given me throughout this difficult journey of 2 1/2 years it took through the court system to resolve the roof/attic poor workmanship done by a sub-contractors claiming to be the #1 roofing company in the GTA. I was especially amazed and so was my family for your constant presence in the supervision of the work being done during the re-construction of the roof/attic/soffit/eaves on my house. You cared about my house like it was your own. Furthermore, you obtained the cooperation of numerous workers on the project using respectful communication. I viewed the CD of photos you sent with the invoice. They are clear and descriptive of the whole project. A to Z. May life continue to be kind to you. The world is a better place because of people like you."

Denise Rozelle

"Dear Don, Thank you for taking such good care of Fatima this morning. I really appreciated the extremely thorough job you did. "


"Don was recommended to us by two other people who had great experiences working with him. He inspected two houses for us and was extremely thorough during both inspections. He clearly explained his concerns and how things needed to be changed or fixed, and he also pointed out positive aspects of the houses, during both our inspections. We appreciated the way he talked to us during the inspections, for this allowed us to ask lots of questions and take notes. He then gave us a CD of photos and a report, which he walked us through at the end of the inspections, to recap and offer a visual reminder of what we saw and learned during the inspections. He also gave us a summary of the major concerns which helped us prioritize and budget for future repairs, and ultimately make confident purchase decisions. Thanks Don for your great work!"

Laura, Whitby, ON

"Don, Thank you so much for today. We not only appreciated how thorough you were with the inspection, but also that you took the extra time to go through everything with us. To be honest, we are really thinking that this house might be more hassle than it's worth and that there are too many health risks involved. Today was the best money we have ever spent! We will definitely be calling you again when we find another house that we are interested in :)"

Thanks again,
Nicole and Jeff Gilbert

"P.S Please say thank you again to Les for us. We really appreciated the time he took and the knowledge he passed on to us as well."

"Thank you for your time and expertise yesterday.  It was well worth the time and effort.  Thanks again.  I would not hesitate to recommend you (except for this house).  Also thanks for the cards, I need your # for your handyman when you have a chance and will use the other cards you gave me.  Ron took a copy of the report to the agent for the other people and they have agreed to taking off $2,500 to split the cost of the roof.  So that's great as I knew I wouldn't give up the house but it's fair with the work that's needed." 

Kindest regards,

"Thank again Don. We'll be sure to refer you any chance we get. You truly did give us peace of mind!"


"Thanks Don. It was a pleasure working with you too. I was thoroughly impressed with your vast knowledge and professionalism. I will definitely refer you to my clients in the future and as I mentioned, I may even need you to come out and do a re-inspection of my new purchase. We'll see you soon for another one with Ms. Gyde I'm sure. Take care for now."

Jeff Ham

"Thanks a lot Don. I'd just like to say you did a great job with our inspection. You were very personable, and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again."

Adam and Anita

"We live out of town, and we were looking to purchase a multi-unit building. After Don’s inspection of the property we learned that the building had several layers of shingles and needed a brand new roof! We were able to renegotiate the contract and saved ourselves a $15,000 bill."

Christine and Darren Faust
Vancouver, B.C.

"Don McKechnie's services go beyond bellying under porches, wiggling into crawl spaces and walking rooftops in the dead of winter to ensure his clients make the best choice for their home-buying dollars. He'll recommend contractors he knows do a good job for a fair price. He'll steer you away from the trades contractors who don't. He'll even knock on potential neighbours' doors to get first-hand reflections of the area and to glean facts about the house his client is thinking to buy. Patience, I've discovered, is McKechnie's strong suit, as was evident during my hours-long question period as we reviewed his detail-laden inspection reports. Don McKechnie's company, Peace of Mind Home Inspection, says it all, and should be one's first call before purchasing any home."

Deb Rankine

"As a first time home buyer it was a pretty anxious feeling to have a home inspection done, working with Peace of Mind put all of those feelings to rest. Not only was the inspection done in a professional manner but the information I received gave me a lot of confidence going forward with the purchase of my first home. I received a DVD with all of the information I need which makes it easy to go and attend to anything that needed to be done. I also received a hard copy that I'll keep in my files forever. On top of all of that the constant contact I had with Peace of Mind made me feel as though I wasn't just another client. I'll be using Peace of Mind for all my home inspections."

Whitby, ON

"Peace of Mind did the pre-purchase home inspection, Don provided me with a precise, clear report with supporting photos on a DVD.  I rehired Don to do an inspection after renovations, it was the best money I had spent.  Don spotted numerous code violations and shoddy workmanship by my contractor, eg. a live wire junction box exposed in the attic, the kitchen exhaust was vented into the chimney, there was no drywall behind or beside one of the kitchen cabinets, things which I would have never known.  He personally addressed the issues with the contractor and ensured that they were corrected.  Don lived up to his company's name and gave me peace of mind.  I strongly recommend anyone doing major home renovations to have their homes inspected.  Home inspections are not for pre-purchase, they are a must after home renovations as well."

B. Joseph
Ajax, ON

"We recently had a home inspection done by Peace of Mind Home Inspection. While we do not have a basis for comparison, we cannot imagine that any home inspector could do a more thorough job than Don McKechnie. He found some critical things that we were able to go back to the owner on, and in the end, we actually saved money by paying for the inspection. Don sat down with us at the end of the inspection to walk us through the findings and then followed up by sending us a detailed report via email with a detailed set of photos. We highly recommend Peace of Mind Home Inspection."

Joe and Nancy Saundercook
Whitby, ON

"We have used Peace of Mind Home Inspections on three occasions. Don McKechnie has continuously impressed us with his knowledge and thoroughness, along with his willingness and ability to explain his observations. Whether he is pointing out a potential issue or giving maintenance advice on how to extend the life of a particular item, Don shares information throughout the home inspection process. Unlike many home inspectors, Don is extremely thorough. His inspections take several hours and you can be certain that you're in good hands. Don does not cut corners. He will climb on the roof to inspect it, even if there's snow. Peace of Mind Home Inspections isn't just a clever name. It's a reflection of how we feel when Don's on the job. Our family has confidently engaged Don on several occasions and would highly recommend him to friends and family."

Martin England and Rebecca Stuart
Whitby, ON

"Don, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did for me on my home inspection. Your professional attitude and thorough workmanship were far superior to anyone I have used previously. It was a pleasure to have a professional working for my interest at a very reasonable price. You did a great job for me and I would not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends. It is really reassuring to know that the guy you've hired to check things out for you on a major investment really does have the knowledge and experience to do the job right."

Thank You

Joe Dolan